JANEK roots began in the 1930s when Mr. Alois Holis, the grandfather of the present day owner founded a small tailoring workshop. From the beginning Mr. Holis specialized in made to measure clothing wear up until his passing in 1972.
In 1990 Janek was formed and focused around luxury prefabricated shirts. A new ear of the company began in 2001 when the present day owner Mr. Alois Holis Jr. took over control of JANEK .
The Made-to-measure shirt was devised in 2003 and JANEK gradually shifted focus towards this new product line. The made to measure blouse complemented the line four years later.
Our first store was opened in Prague in 2005, and a second store opened in the city of Brno 5 years later.
In order to meet the ever increasing demand of our shirts a workshop was established in the township of Lo3tice of Olomouc in 2008.
In 2011 and 2012 a modernization plan was put in place to expand our headquarters in Roznov Pod Radhostem. A showroom was later added to our headquarters in 2014.