Boxer shorts Made to Measure


Boxer shorts Made to Order


You can appreciate not only our shirts, but also our fine and comfortable underwear. JANEK men´s boxers are of top quality and are appointed for well-dressed men. We apply our expertise and solely use 100-percent cotton of the highest grade. Peices of fabric are stitched together by means of lap-over seam technology. The boxers comfortably secure themselves by a combination of buttons in the waistline and vent. The decision between a two piece or three piece fabric variant is up to you.

Two-piece boxer shorts

This is a classical solution in every detail and the execution is of top quality. The pieces of fabric are stitched together in the back with a single lap-over seam.

Three-piece boxer shorts

We are close to the feeling of maximum comfort. The gusset is inserted into its back part of the boxer short to improve fit and make the wear of our boxer shorts even more comfortable.

Internal insert

This is a discreet but useful trick from our workshop. Our soft insert is knitted from 100-percent cotton which adds a further level of comfort and aids in hygienic control.

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